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    Easter Specials 2018

    1 x nights with buffet breakfest  in comfortable rooms at special rates ,

    Included in price : welcome drink ,Easter gift ,breakfest bufet with sweets on Easter Sunday ,

    traditional buffet dinner on Good Friday ,

    Optional: a special buffet dinner on Holy Saturday & Easter Sunday (supplement on standard HB)

    The offer is valid only for groups min.12 Pax. Discount in 1/2 DBL/TWIN(BB) for 20 st  person in the group .

    From : 30.03.2018 till 02.04.2018,

    Gdansk ;

    1/Hotel Kat.2* Old Town ,Rates : in DBL:23,-EUR/Pax , SGLSuppl:16,-EUR ,HB:10,-EUR ,Easter buffet /suppl.on standard HB/: 10,-EUR , WIFI free

    2/Hotel Kat.4*Old Town, Rates: in DBL:33,-EUR/Pax ,SGLSuppl:21,-EUR,HB:18,-EUR ,Easter buffet/suppl.on standard HB/ : 12,-EUR, WIFI free

    3/Hotel Kat.3* , 3 Minuten to the beach ,Rates : in DBL:27,-EUR/Pax , SGLSuppl:15,-EUR,HB:18,-EUR,Easter buffet/suppl.on standard HB/ : 10,-EUR , Free access to an indor swimming pool ,gym,dry and steam sauna .

    Jelenia Gora Karkonosze Mountains;

    Hotel Kat.3* Rates:in DBL:26,-EUR/Pax , SGLSuppl:18,-EUR,HB:14,-EUR,Easter buffet/suppl.on standard HB/:10,-EUR,Free access to swimming pool , sauna .

    Krakow ;

    1/Hotel Kat.3* Zentrum ,Rates: in DBL:24,-EUR/Pax , SGLSuppl:18,-EUR,HB:13,-EUR,Easter buffet/suppl.on standard HB/:10,-EUR,WIFI free,

    2/Hotel Kat.4*Zentrum,Rates : in DBL:34,-EUR/Pax ,SGLSuppl:27,-EUR,HB:16,-EUR,Easter buffet/suppl.on standard HB/:12,-EUR , Free access to swimming pool,jacuzzi ,sauna WIFI .


    1/Hotel Kat 2* Old Town ,Rates:in DBL:28,-EUR/Pax ,SGLSuppl:20,-EUR,HB:19,-EUR,Easter buffet/suppl.on standard HB/:10,-EUR ,WIFI ,

    2/ Hotel Kat.4* Zentrum ,Rates: in DBL:27,-EUR/Pax,SGLSuppl:20,-EUR,HB:19,EUR,Easter buffet/suppl.on standard HB/:12,-EUR ,WIFI ,

    Szczecin :

    Hotel Kat.4* Zentrum ,Rates:in DBL:29,-EUR/Pax,SGLSuppl:23,-EUR,HB:16,-EUR,Easter buffet/suppl.on standard HB/:10,-EUR,WIFI ,


    Hotel Kat.3* Old Town,Rates: in DBL:23,-EUR/Pax ,SGLSuppl:17,-EUR,HB:13,-EUR,Easter buffet/suppl.on standard HB/:10,-EUR,WIFI ,


    1/Hotel Kat.3* City ,Rates in DBL:23,-EUR/Pax,SGLSuppl:19,-EUR,HB:15,-EUR,Easter buffet/suppl.on standard HB/:10,-EUR,PARKING AND WELCOME DRINK FREE ,

    2/Hotel Kat 4*Centrum ,Rates in DBL:29,-EUR/Pax , SGLSuppl:23,-EUR,HB:17,-EUR,Easter buffet/suppl.on standard HB/:10,-EUR.WIFI .